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About Us

We specialize in hybrid virtual reality software development projects that include the world's first virtual reality metrics capture and analysis platform V-Tracker used by IBM for their 3D Internet initiatives. We coined the term 'Virtual Reality Metrics and Analysis' and are deeply involved with industry organizations in the crafting of virtual reality metrics standards.

Code4Software principle Jared Freedman is a recognized pioneer in the field of Virtual Reality Advertising, speaking on the topic at E-Metrics Summit and other industry tradeshows. Code4Software also created Ad Soft, the worlds first metrics-backed advertising and content management systems that allows centralized web-based management of in-world content. Ad Soft was used to manage the largest in-world networked advertising system to ever appear within one of the largest virtual worlds, Second Life. The AdSoft system was a verifiable success in late 2008, having signed on as customers IBM, Coldwell Banker, GameSpy, NetFlix, Arrow Water, the United States Marine Corps, and the FBI among others. Each ad would get hundreds of thousands of unique impressions per month, the bar set by the Digital Analytics Industry as minium viable audience size for mass-market advertising. At the Virtual Worlds Expo in Los Angeles in September 2008, while Code4Software had a tradeshow booth and was presenting in multiple lectures, Linden Lab, the owners of Second Life, decided to change their Terms of Service to ban advertising networks of the size and capacity developed by Code4Software. This singular event destroyed multiple years of our efforts in establishing Virtual Reality as a legitmate medium for real-world advertisers. Some industry observers have noted that it was events such as this that caused a loss of confidence in Linden Lab and Second Life. Shortly after giving the finger to us and Madison Avenue, Second Life growth rate peaked, and began a downward slide which continued for many years, and maybe until this very day.

When the VR industry (then called Virtual Worlds) started to quickly implode in early 2009, Code4Software moved into mobile software development through its brand Code4Mobile, releasing fourteen apps before hitting gold with the smash hit Weed Farmer Classic. Weed Farmer has over one million registered downloads across the franschise, and had multiple titles in the Top 20 for Paid Casual Games on Google Play and in Paid Role Playing Games on the iTunes App Store. Still available today, many tens of thousands of people play these games daily.

In the beginning of the mobile industry, Google had open, free, and meritocratic markets where the most popular software was allowed to rise to the top of the various Top Charts. In this environment, Code4Software thrived. For years Code4Software devoted almost all development efforts to Android, and always had a title in the Top 20 Paid Casual Games. This only stopped when Google, for reasons unknown, decided to remove Code4Software/Code4Mobile games from the Top Charts ranking system entirely. We like to think they took a page from the Linden Lab play book of placing Defeat into the Jaws of Victory. We tried hard to figure out why we lost favor with Google, but they remain a black box. We gave up trying to move the unmovable at the end of 2014.
We were down again, but not out, having wisely invested our profits and nearly all of 2015 developing new products and technologies for multiple fast growing industries, that are outside the Silicon Valley sphere of control. We are releasing these products and technologies this year through our various brands.

Code4Software is located in the city of Hollywood, which is just North of Miami Beach, right on A1A. Hollywood is conveniently situated within 30 minute of Miami International Airport and Fort Lauderdale International Airport.