Software Development Under Control


Code4Software offers a full line of services relating to software development:

Systems Architecture

Many people shop around looking for the cheapest solution. In software the cheapest initial solution is very rarely the cheapest long term solution. The most effective way to have a long term value-adding solution is to have good system architecture from the very beginning. Code4Software knows how to build software to last, yet not cost a fortune.

Product Design

Many executives know what they need, but have difficulty translating those needs into a plan a software development team can follow. Many that do create such plans have the execution fall short of their original vision due to their lack of detailed technical knowledge. When you are planning your next product or project, Code4Software can help you translate your vision into a workable project plan, complete with defined objectives, tasks, time tables, and budgets. We can take your broad concepts and distill them into Product Design Specifications and Project Plans that can then be used to request bids for its development. We can help turn your vision into reality for less than you may think.

Internet Software Development

Internet applications are becoming more common as business move to service oriented architectures and always-on strategies. We provide Microsoft ASP.NET development services for Internet and E-Commerce applications. We do database driven Internet Application Development, Enterprise Application Integration, and Business-to-Business data transport development.

Intranet and Portal Software Development

Highly automated processes and effective collaboration tools mean maximum efficiency for your company. Code4Software can improve productivity and customer satisfaction with solutions like:
  • Process Automation
  • Customer service automation
  • Employee Collaboration Tools
  • Content Management
  • Data Capture & Transport

Microsoft Technologies

Code4Software are experts in most of the the current stack of Microsoft Technologies, including Sharepoint, SQL Server 2008, .NET 3.5, ASP.NET, C#.NET, VB.NET, and C++/DirectX family of game development tools.

Game Development

Electronic Entertainment is big business, and every software user experience can benefit from the usability and engagement skills developed while creating video games. This technology can also be applied to educational and training experiences. Code4Software has over 10 years experience in game development, doing all facets of production from simulation development, graphics programming, 3D software and rendering, audio, and multiplayer network programming.

Metaverse Content Development

The Metaverse is a 3D virtual world accessed over the Internet, where everything you do is seen by everyone else and everything that everyone else does is seen by you. Code4Software is a big believer in these technologies and invests time and effort developing software for virtual worlds like Second Life and Open Sim.