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  • Track Visits, Events and Chat
  • Tracks Campaigns
  • Easy to Use and Scaleable
  • Sophisticated Analytics
  • Exports PDF, Excel or XML
  • Data Warehousing
  • Powerful Search Features
  • High Performance Database
  • Quick Implementation

Virtual World Metrics Capture and Analysis Platform

Gauging the measures of success and return on investment that go into the creation of immersive enviroments for virtual worlds.

V-Tracker is a suite of tools used to capture visitor data while providing easy to use web-based analytics. It allows the analyst to create their own visit scanners, touch event sensors and public channel avatar attached chat loggers, and then group them under a single campaign. Multiple campaigns can be configured for tracking specialized data. This ease and flexibility finally allows proper A-B testing scenarios to be conducted within any Virtual World platform. In production since December 2006, with tens of millions of avatar hours logged.