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No longer must you guess when trying to determine who's coming to your space, what they are doing, and when were they doing it. Powerful graphics based reporting allows you to quickly focus on areas of interest and gain immediate understanding into what's really going on at your site.

V-Tracker provides visiting avatar scanners, avatar event sensors (touch, pay, URL navigation), and public channel avatar attached chat loggers. All scanners, sensors, and loggers that have a similar stategic purpose or goal are grouped together by the Analyst into Campaigns. Campaigns can be utilized for long or short term projects. An example of a long term campaign could be monitoring all avatar traffic within a few Sim Regions for several months, to then perform an analysis of which features within the Sim Regions were most popular. A short term campaign could be to monitor the traffic, click though rate, and public chat for a product launch lasting just a few days.

V-Tracker is built on a scalable Microsoft based backend, and a high performance C# ASP.NET based web application used for administration, reporting, and analysis.

V-Tracker utilizes the most recent advances in high performance service oriented architecture offering a near-vertical scaling path. The final data repository is an SQL Server 2012 relational database, so the data can be exported easily into a variety of formats, using automation as appropriate.

V-Tracker is available today in version 2.0. It has been through many 'trials-by-fire' and was used for the launch of Coldwell Banker Realestate Corporation into Second Life, various IBM initiatives, and the main Virtual World presence for the U.S. Army. The technology has been further refined and is easy to use, quick to set up, stable, and proven.

When your brand is at stake, don't be someone else's test subject, use a system that's tried and tested like V-Tracker.

There are three portions of the V-Tracker platform: In-world systems, web service/data storage, and web analysis/admin tool.

The In-world systems are writen in Linden Scripting Language (LSL) and utilizes lessons learned and libraries developed over 18 months. The scanners, sensors, and loggers all come in 2 file pairs. The first file is the locked down script, the second is an XML notecard that the analyst can edit and thereby configure the metric capture device themselves. Just drop these two files into your collection object (plant, chair, lamp, Etc.) and you're in business.

Most other LSL based sensors are limited to 16 avatars per sensor sweep, with avatars above this number ignored. Using a variety of advanced techniques, a single high-volume scanner can handle a full sim region worth of avatars per scan. (60+ avatars). Most installations can do with 16 avatar limit scanners, but clubs and special events will need the high-volume model.

All data stored by V-Tracker is writen to a relational database with normalized data architecture. This has been performance tuned and only allows data access through precompiled Stored Procedures, which increases performance significantly and provides a built-in scalability route. V-Tracker is no script/file based kludge, but rather a full-blown enterprise capable relational SQL database system, with all the reporting and data export/connectivity options that it provides.

In order to more easily extract meaningful information from the raw collected passive sensor data, single minute scan records are rolled-up into visit records during a data warehousing routine that runs on a scheduled basis. This datawarehousing step opens the door to many more reporting options and speeds up processing and response time.

A chat logger entails attaching the logger to an avatar, who will be referred to as the recording agent. Each agent who records chat has a unique identifier and all chat recorded by them can be searched by this identifier and date range. This makes quality control for customer service oriented environments much simpler, as searches can be performed against the database instead of having to wade through chat .txt log files.

Code4Software advises against unattended or remote logging of chat, even on your own land.

Only attended public channel chat logging is supported by V-Tracker and Code4Software.