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  • Product Placement for Virtual Worlds
  • Manage Promotional Objects
  • Manage Object Distribution
  • CPM, CPC, and Timed campaigns
  • Enterprise Scalability
  • Sophisticated Analytics
  • Plug-in to Your Virtual World
  • Live In-production Since April '08
  • Based on the V-Tracker platform

Virtual Worlds Product Placement Advertising with Analytics

Manage metrics backed promotional product based advertising networks, campaigns, and rich interactive advertising content across multiple virtual worlds.

Branded promotional objects provide several benefits to the resident who decides to take one for themselves: the objects are of high quality and visually appealing, the objects provide virtual world specific functions that will be appreciated by residents, and the objects can provide a branding building experience to residents who interact with objects in-world.

A promotional object can be a virtual notebook computer, chair, car, pet, or anything else imaginable. They each utilize a customized version of the V-Tracker metrics capture platform, and record impression and click activity specific to the object and owner.