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Internet Software

Code4Software has performed a wide range of Internet Software development services:

Internet Application Development

Much more than a website, an Internet Application provides an online gateway into your corporate data. Take orders, display reports, capture data, and much more become possible options with an Internet based software applications. No programs to download and accessible from any computer on the Internet, these service oriented models of software are quickly becoming the de facto standard for corporate software deployment.

Enterprise Application Integration
Most companies have grown their IT infrastructure organically over time. This leads to the installation of disparate systems that need to communicate with each other. Additionally, adding E-Commerce initiatives frequently requires integration between the web site and the back-end corporate systems. Code4Software has extensive experience with Enterprise Application Integration, and currently uses BizTalk for new development.

When actual financial transactions take place on the Internet, you'll want to turn to someone who has experience doing it, and the reputation for handling your transactions with the utmost diligence. Code4Software has performed many E-Commerce installations, running the gamut from wiring up catalog sites to actually take sales, to full software development life cycle for new enterprises. We've worked with Authorize.NET, FirePay, Clear Commerce, and Verisign.