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Code4Software has been providing enterprise quality virtual world / virtual reality solutions since 2006. We've made the break from the traditional show-me media of adjectives and have embraced the new medium of verbs and actions. Virtual worlds are about doing and not being a passive spectator, as activity is key to a successful venture. We understand that engagement is not simply minutes spent at a location, but the quality and depth of the experience.

Code4Software's projects have appeared in CNN, ABC, Fortune, Wired, Advertising Age, Business Week, The Miami Herald, The San Fransisco Chronical, The New York Times, and more. Our work for Coldwell Banker helped them earn the Inman Innovation Award for 2007. Our list of industry firsts continue to grow, and we feel like we're just getting started. The best is yet to come!

Our virtual world metrics and analysis tools were the first in the industry are are still the most advanced. Having years of experience doing metrics backed virtual world venues has allowed us to develop the new field of Virtual World Experience Optimization, or VWEO, another Code4Software first. We can assist with aligning your in-world venue to your real world business goals, and through iterative improvement cycles help you gain the desired results.

We provide a variety of services to help make your foray into Virtual Worlds a success:
  • Virtual World Environment Development and Integration
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Virtual World/Web-based Hybrid Software Development
  • In-world Marketing and Advertising Systems
  • Education and Training Systems Development
  • Virtual World Metrics Capture and Analysis
  • Virtual World Experience Optimization ( VWEO )