Software Development Under Control


Code4Software has developed a variety of proprietary technologies relating to the capture of engagement metrics for 3D worlds, most embodied in the product V-Tracker. These metrics include who came to the virtual world location, how long they were there, what they did, and what they said, all prepared for ready reporting.

Code4Software has also resolved the issues of display terminal, ad content, and ad queue rotation management for display based advertising in Virtual Worlds. Code4Software created the paradigm for impression and click-through tracking in 3D virtual worlds, through the preeminent AdSoft system. Adsoft code libraries were leveraged to create the Promotional Object Management Platform, useful for metrics backed product placement style campaigns.

The bulk of the software that powers these technologies resides outside of the virtual world and by-design is portable to any 3D Internet experience.

These products are avaible for licensing for 3D based virtual world venues, as turn-key solutions that can provide value to virtual world providers, marketers utilizing virtual world technologies, and enterprises wishing to unlock the potential of virtual worlds.

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