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Project Portfolio

Customer: Restaurant Services, Inc.

Restaurant Services, Incorporated is the independent purchasing and distribution Co-Op for the Burger KingĀ® Corporation, and handles the supply chain logistics for over 7,000 Burger KingĀ® retail outlets. RSI has additional subsidiaries, like Supply Chain Services, a provider of 3rd Party Supply Chain Logistics solutions to the Chain Restaurant Industry.

At Issue:

One RSI subsidiary, Supply Chain Services had engaged in a pilot project with a chain of restaurants called BD's Mongolian Grill. They promised a functional business intellegence dashboard by a certain date and were falling behind on the deliverable. The needed someone to come-in and pick up the project where it was and make it quickly work to specification for presentation to both the client and the RSI Board of Directors.

The Solution:

Using an already created design, a business intelligence portal framework was created using Microsoft's ASP.NET.

The portal allowed drill down and browsing through historical Point of Sale data for Sales, Guests, Average Check, and more.

The specific technologies used were: Microsoft ASP.NET 3.5, SQL Server 2005, Dundas Chart .NET, Dundas Gauge .NET, and Visual Basic.NET.

The user can view various levels of data, from a company-wide view down to a specific restaurant.

They can click on a month data point and will be taken to the drill-down for that month, showing a daily view with performance KPIs on display as gauges and grid view panels.

A modular design was incorporated to allow quick component re-use.

Multiple reporting units (Franchisee, Restaurants, Etc.) can be selected to view side-by-side comparisons.

Dates and data sets can be selected and displayed on-the-fly.

Using database driven variance values, performance is visually displayed in the gauges in a quick easy to digest manner.

Code4Software accomplished the goal of having the software ready for presentation and the client and the Board of Directors were both impressed with the power of this new tool

Supply Chain Services has gone on to expand this tool and it is becoming one of the major value-added propositions in its portfolio of service offerings.